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Tuesday, 14 April 2020 18:07

5 Reasons You Need a Travel Advisor Now More Than Ever!

Written by Josie Beecher
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deanna ritchie 227649 unsplashSchaumburg, Illinois – April 15, 2020 – For Cruises International – Land and Sea, business as usual has taken on a different focus for the past few months. With the outbreak of COVID-19, or Coronavirus Cruises International advisors are their clients’ most valuable advocate as they have been working to bring clients who were traveling home to their families and helping those with future plans rebook or cancel their plans.

As we look to the future, and return to our normal way of life, we will get back to planning our dream getaways. We do not have to wait. We can start planning now. With all the cruise and travel companies changing their policies frequently, how can one navigate through the chaos? The answer is to use an expert Travel Advisor from a reputable company, whose core business is Travel advice. Cruises International – Land and Sea with 40 years of experience providing guidance before, during, and after your travels.

Here are five reasons why using a trusted Travel Advisor is so important—especially now:

  1.  They Are Your Advocate - They will arrange and negotiate refunds or Future Travel Credits when rebooking during this time of crisis. If something goes wrong, they will do everything in their power to make it right, providing peace of mind.
  2.  They Keep You Safe - During the initial phase of this crisis, many travelers were overseas struggling to find flights home. Many were scared and confused. Cruises International Travel Advisors worked tirelessly rearranging flights and hotel reservations to ensure travelers got home safely.
  3.  No Hold Times - Current hold times with large suppliers and box stores selling travel can sometimes mean HOURS! By using a trusted Advisor whose only business is travel, you will get immediate assistance. They will do the work for you.
  4.  Strong Relationships with Suppliers - After being in business for over 40 years, Cruises International’s Travel Advisors have contacts with land and cruise suppliers exclusively available to Cruises International and their clients. Their persuasive power is key to getting what you deserve.
  5.  Advice and Guidance – Cruises International will make sure their clients understand all the guidelines, policies and options. The devil is in the details!

CG.D NukuHiva Marquesas P1260255 hiThe necessity of a travel advisor has never been more apparent, says Cruises International Client Jack Z., "My wife and I were planning our ‘baby-moon’ in Hawaii, and as first timers to the island we decided to reach out to a Travel Advisor at Cruises International for help. Not only did our Travel Advisor make the booking experience easy and cost-effective, but she helped us select the right island, resort, and itinerary to suit our needs and our budget - But then came the real value! Only a week before our trip was supposed to begin, the COVID-19 situation began to worsen rapidly and we were faced with some very difficult decisions about whether to travel and, if we decided not to, whether we'd be able to secure a refund of our deposit for air and hotel. The timing of everything was very uncertain, and we were in a very difficult position.

Our Travel Advisor stepped in and took care of everything; securing a full refund for our trip and putting our mind at ease the entire time. Having never booked with a travel agency before, I can say that I am certainly glad we did this time, and I look forward to doing so again when we reschedule. What a luxury to have so much of the nuts and bolts of our vacation planning taken care of for us!"

In support of the country's efforts to reduce exposure to the virus, Cruises International – Land and Sea has arranged for staff to work remotely from home. Advisors are available to you by phone, email and video conferencing by appointment.

ResourcesHours of availability are Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday 9 am to 3 pm. Please email or call our advisors, accounting department, management or support teams, as always. You should be able to get right through. If you are made to leave a message, you will receive a call back as soon as possible. Cruises International will continue to provide the prompt, knowledgeable service they have always provided for the last 40+ years. You are never alone when you book with Cruises International.

“Because we are all passionate about the joy that exploring the world brings to our lives, many of you are already rebooking your greatly anticipated vacations for later in 2020 and into 2021. Whenever you are ready, we are here for you, before, during, and after your travels,” stated Ines Turus, President.

About Cruises International – Land and Sea
Cruises International, Vacations Land & Sea is more than just “Travel Agents”, they are your personal concierge, your trusted Travel Advisors, your advocate. By taking the time to learn your preferences, your lifestyle and your goals, they make sure to recommend only the vacations that are right for you. They know your preferences are as unique as you are, because they believe every vacation should be your vacation of a lifetime.